For Your Consideration, A Colossal, Hollow-Eyed, Chubby Owl

Posted by Morbidiculous on 04/03/2010

Beginning today, Chubby Owls are a universal symbol of change and transition. I mean, if they weren’t already.

Updates are continuing. A small collection of links for even further consideration:

Gallery of Memento Mori

Account of Tibetan Sky Burial Ritual

The Statistical Fate of Redshirts (this is far more Not Safe For Work than the previous two)

Gallery of Mystery Science Theater Art, (Prints of Thieves)

The first three links are of mild interest, but there is almost no excuse for skipping past anything that contains the phrase “Mystery Science Theater”. The excuse itself not only has to contain the phrase “Mystery Science Theater”, but also “we’re going to burn up upon re-entry”!

One Response to “For Your Consideration, A Colossal, Hollow-Eyed, Chubby Owl”

  1. tender vittle post-war Kimball said

    Did cheeky tweety owl get to go with the cow in the zeppelin? >: )

    Or was it too busy BEING A UNIVERSYMBOL.

    You know I think this entire morbidicomic blogtreat is bloody brilliant.

    Tee hee clee – Take the pun-strewn game-depiction-journey-entry in Antagony Aunts (don’t take it to the moon cave though). I didn’t even know what was going on there in that at first, and had to read it three times to even get the gist of and thunderstand it, but it STILL filled me with tremendous chortleness and joy.

    As does the entire rest of this bwog. <338 Hilarious, refreshing, unpretentious, original, unique… As I have AVERRED, your style makes me want to burn up upon re-entry on a one-way ticket to all your yesterdays with the dreams of summers while getting caught in the rain, and inspires me with gold-star goodness and rampant delight, M0ley Doily buttercup morbidet.


    May you be pandered with pandemics of pangolins and, again, may your Junior Mints never be senior.

    Also, I would TOTALLY want a crown made from mounting (tortoises) bills, and the jellyfish thingies look like scrubbing bubbles.

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